Have a musician or creative person in the family? Let them know you appreciate them by putting their work in a custom frame! Creatives work hard on their endeavors, and a custom frame is a great way to show appreciation for them and their work! You get the added bonus of protecting the piece against time and age when you put it in a custom frame. Stop in any of our locations to get started today!



High school and college diplomas have a very traditional, classic style. Ornate diploma fonts are generally paired with a metallic seal on an off-white background. You can design your project in any décor style you wish, but you can never go wrong with these classic looks.

Art & Frame has a plethora of frames that will help emphasize a particular feature of your certification or diploma. With graduation season here, don't forget to frame that special diploma for that special graduate! Stop in any of our three locations today!



Graduation shadowbox, framed at our South Kansas City location!

May & June are common months for high school or college graduation ceremonies. Help the grad in your life graduate to a custom frame! Framed diplomas make excellent gifts for your loved ones, and Art & Frame Warehouse can help!

Remember, enjoy 30% OFF in the month of May for all of your diploma and graduation shadowbox needs! Stop in any of our three locations today!


Everyone knows a diploma is much more than just a boring piece of paper. It represents years of hard work and certifies that you have the education necessary for a successful future. Whether you just graduated high school or are attending your class reunion, you worked hard to earn your diploma! Your degree is something to be extremely proud of. After all that effort, your diploma needs a frame worthy of your skills.

Art & Frame is here to help. For the month of May, we are offering 30% OFF all of your diploma and graduation memorabilia frames! Stop in any of our three locations and receive help in designing your perfect frame from highly qualified framing professionals! Gallery Quality, Warehouse Prices



Your diploma is more than just a piece of paper; it represents years of hard work. It deserves a custom frame worthy of your time and efforts. A framed diploma can be a silent sales tool, communicating your professionalism, credentials, and style to clients visiting your office. Custom framing your diploma with us is a great way to enhance its presentation and preserve it for the future.

At Art & Frame, we know how much hard work went into receiving that diploma. We use all acid-free materials, and offer glass with UV protection, in order to keep your diploma from aging, and keep that pristine quality going for a life time. Right now for the month of May, bring in any of your diplomas, recent certifications or graduation memorabilia, and receive 30% OFF your custom frame or graduation shadowbox! It is our way of saying "conGRADulations!!". Stop in today!


Mosaic tile piece, framed at our South Kansas City location! This piece is installed inside a floater frame, sitting inside of the frame rather than the frame sitting on top of it.

Some pieces may seem like they aren't able to be framed, but that's not the case! Every item is able to be framed in some way, so bring your specials items in today!



Vintage silverware, framed out our South Kansas City location!



-The baseball game when your favorite player hit the home run that won the game? What happened to all the pictures you took?

-Or how about the baseball cards you had when you were a kid (if your Mom didn’t throw them away while you were at college…)?

-Where is your prized autographed jersey? You waited for 2 hours to have it signed by the future Hall of Famer…

-Can you forget the look on your child’s face when they won the little league MVP award? Or the glory and accolades after you won the championship game in high school?

-Remember that fishing trip reunion with your buddies? Where did that photograph go?



Have a favorite hobby? Would you like to protect your pieces or creations, and decorate your walls or your friends walls with them? Bring your items to us, and we'll help you choose the right frame, mats and glass! This beaded fabric piece is a gift, coming with a linen mat, a fillet to accent the frame, and museum glass to protect the piece over time. Framed at our South Kansas City location! Stop in today!


Mulberry bark paper, framed out our Overland Park location! Overall finished size is 51 x 52 inches! Bring your special items in today!


Large, original The Beatles poster, framed at our Lee's Summit location! The poster is framed with 5 custom plates, black with aluminum writing, each containing the name of the band member and their signatures etched in underneath! For rare and valuable items, the utmost care is taken when handling and framing them. The highest quality materials are used when completing your frames, helping your pieces withstand the test of time! Bring your items in today!


Kenyan mask, framed at our Overland Park location! We have a lot of fun framing masks here at Art & Frame, bring yours in today! You'll be reminded of that amazing trip you took, and have a beautiful decoration in your home!


During the month of April, we are celebrating sports fans in Kansas City! Enjoy 30% OFF your custom sports memorabilia frames this month when you mention this Facebook post! If you have larger items such as footballs, helmets, bobbleheads and more, that's not a problem at all! We are able to make custom acrylic boxes for any of your items. This helps protect them from the elements, and lets you enjoy them for a lifetime!


It's Royals season, Art & Frame fans! Don't forget, all items in our gallery are 35% OFF for this month, so if you're missing that pendant from the 2015 World Series win, stop in and grab one before they're all gone! And don't forget to take advantage of our 30% OFF special for your sports memorabilia projects (be sure to mention this post or the newsletter)! Stop in today!


Do you remember where you placed your prized autographed hockey jersey? What about your vintage baseball card collection? Or your varsity football letter from high school? Over the years, we collect all kinds of sports memorabilia. These items represent great memories, but how can we enjoy them every day if they are tucked away and hidden? Relive your favorite game-winning moments by custom framing your sports photos, tickets, equipment, and jerseys at Art & Frame Warehouse! It makes a great conversation piece, protects your items from the elements, and lets you relive those special moments. For the month of April, we're offering 30% any custom sports memorabilia frames, so don't forget to bring those items in!


Art & Frame Warehouse 35% OFF April Gallery Sale!!


Fun project, framed at our South Kansas City location! The fused glass art was shadowboxed using a shadowbox frame and suede mats. Installed are battery powered LED marquis lights, with remote control included! Take your shadowboxes to the next level, bring your items in today at any of our 3 locations!


Local artist Dana Kramer, hanging in our Lee's Summit gallery, currently has a sale on all of his work! If you purchase any of his artwork that has a purple tag, you'll receive 30% off the purchase! Stop in today to help support local artists in Kansas City and Lee's Summit!


If you took a big family vacation, and have photos and items from the trip that you'd like to frame up, bring them to us! This is a recently framed shadowbox for a family who took a trip to Zion National Park! All photos are trimmed down, and mounted and raised to emphasis the good times the family had, making the perfect shadowbox! Bring your items in today!


Pair of Muhammad Ali boxing gloves, framed at our Lee's Summit location! They are framed in a way that allows them to be taken out of the frame, used, and put back in when finished! Have a boxing fan in your family? Bring any boxing memorabilia, and yes, even BOXING GLOVES, to any of our three locations! We'll help you design a frame that's perfect for showcasing your treasures!


Recent Royals baseball shadowbox, framed out our Lee's Summit location! The box comes with hinges and a clasp, offering easy access to change out the customer's signed baseballs if they choose! If you need any kind of display case offering easy access to your treasured items, bring them in to Art & Frame Warehouse today!


One of our very happy customers from our Lee's Summit location! She and her husband always bring in the most fun items to frame, including these masks from overseas! If you have treasures found anywhere around the world, why not frame them up and display them in your home? Stop in any of our 3 locations to get started today!


Do you need a new mirror for your home? Take this quiz to find out. If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you need a custom mirror built just for you. We can help!

-- Do you have an odd sized space?
-- Do you need to match a piece of furniture?
-- Do you have a space that needs punch? 
-- Do you have a unique, hard-to-define personal style?
-- Do you want to create a focal point or conversation piece? 
-- Do you have a dark area in your home?
-- Do you need to duplicate a scene in your home?

When we build your mirror, we are building it to YOUR specifications, exactly sized for your space and your style. You get to be involved in the design process, choosing from hundreds of frame samples and mirror choices to build a unique, one-of-a-kind mirror for your home. Because it is built by hand, our mirror quality is unsurpassed and will safely stand the test of time.


Art & Frame fans! We are still celebrating shadowboxes for this month! Don't forget, there are just 4 EASY STEPS to creating a memorable project with us!

Step 1: Create a theme for your project. "Kansas City Memorabilia" or "Trip to Spain!" make great themes!

Step 2: Gather all of the items related to your theme! Photos, tickets, passes, souvenirs...we can frame ANYTHING!

Step 3: Bring your items to us. We are here to collaborate with you, and help you design your box start to finish, including the layout of your items and design of the frame!

Step 4: Leave it to us! We'll create a memorable item for you to hang in your home and cherish for a lifetime!

If you mention this post, you'll receive 30% OFF your shadowbox project! Stop in any of our 3 locations today!



Art & Frame fans, it's Meet-Your-Local-Framer Friday!

We are introducing your third local custom framer, Jon! Jon is the manager of our South Kansas City location, and has been with Art & Frame for 15 years!! He enjoys framing family history pieces, more particularly, objects that are intended to be passed down from generation to generation. Jon was born and raised in St. Louis, but has lived in KC for the last 16 years. Outside of work, Jon paints and draws, along with other creative endeavors, oftentimes with his 3 and 5 year old daughters. He enjoys camping, hiking, being outdoors and working on his hand-built bike track!

Stay tuned next week to meet your next local custom framer!


Local Lee's Summit artist Shane Miller has a few new pieces in our Lee's Summit gallery! If you like bold, colorful, dynamic art, then stop in today!


Art & Frame fans, it's Meet-Your-Local-Framer Friday!

We are introducing your second local custom framer, Laura! Laura has been with the company for 5 months, and works at our Lee's Summit location! Her favorite items to frame are photographs and colorful, energetic prints and paintings. Laura is originally from Colombia, South America, and has a degree in Biology from El Bosque University. She enjoys working shoulder to shoulder with her husband Mike. Outside of Art & Frame, Laura enjoys spending time outdoors (not when it's 2 degrees outside), finding and cooking new recipes, practicing yoga with her husband and spending time with her dog and cat!

Stay tuned next Friday to meet your next local custom framer!


Interested in framing a family heirloom or displaying your valuable collections? Here are four steps to making the process with Art & Frame Warehouse easy and rewarding! Stop in any of our three Kansas City locations! Gallery Quality, Warehouse Prices


Art & Frame fans! We have a new local artist hanging in our Lee's Summit gallery, be sure to come in and take a look! We are introducing Rand Lohman, from Lee's Summit, MO!

Pieces shown are titled "The Spiral of Life: The Season's Turning" (top), and "The Spiral of Life: Introspection's Journey" (bottom).

A little bit from the Artist Statement:

"Nature is full of spirals for different reasons. The interplay between atoms, physical forces, and matter creates spirals out of galaxies and describes the path of celestial rotations as systems move through space. This spiraling movement drives seasons and brings new moons and eclipses around the globe. Shells and plants develop in spirals because it is the most efficient way for them to grow. The basis of some mathematics is found within nature's spirals which may explain why it was important as a sacred form in ancient cultures and why it is still used in art, design, and architecture. Humans discovered the mathematical and proportional beauty of the spiral in nature and for millennia, draw upon it as an inspiration of aesthetic creations".


Hey Art & Frame fans! Do you have any Olympic torches lying around? If so, frame them with us! If not, that's okay, we're still more than happy to help you frame your special items and memories! At Art & Frame, you're our valued neighbor and friend, and we can help you with any of your framing needs. Gallery Quality, Warehouse Prices.


Art & Frame fans! Beginning today and every Friday, we will feature one of our Art & Frame employees, so you can get acquainted with your local custom framers!

We are introducing your first local custom framer, Mike! Mike has been with the company for over 4 years, and now manages our new Lee's Summit location. His favorite items to frame are screen printed music posters, old etchings and lithographs and any item that provides a unique challenge. Mike received his BFAs in Printmaking and Illustration from the University of Central Missouri in 2012, and began working with Art & Frame in 2013. Outside of Art & Frame, Mike enjoys practicing hand- balancing and handstands, kickboxing, and spending time with his wife and two kids (Mia, the chocolate lab, and Chai, the Siamese cat).

Stay tuned next Friday to meet your next local custom framer!


New piece in by local Lee's Summit artist S.J. Stout! If you love art consisting of portraiture, humor and history, come visit our Lee's Summit location to view more of Mr. Stout's work! And we gotta say, we absolutely love this frame! Gallery Quality, Warehouse Prices


Are you a Chiefs fan? Stop by any of our 3 locations in Kansas City to browse our Chiefs panoramas! Each photo is taken by photographer James Blakeway, and comes with a brief description and date of when it was taken. If you're proud of how well the Chiefs are playing this year, stop in to grab yours today!


Art & Frame Warehouse Lee's Summit showcases a variety of local artists. Hosting a group of painters, drawers and photographers, with subject matter ranging from humor to still-life, you're sure to find that special piece of art for your home. Local artist Sheila Bundy has recently stopped by to hang her collection of photo-realistic marble paintings! Stop in today to browse, and help support local art and local business!


What separates Art & Frame Warehouse from the rest of the big-box frame stores? We use a unique warehouse concept; our in-stock framing selection is bought in bulk, and we pass the savings on to you! With one week turnaround times, delivery and installation and prices that beat hobby and craft stores (even with their coupons!), you'll make the right choice choosing Art & Frame for all of your custom framing needs! Stop in today!


Art & Frame Warehouse has printing capabilities that will rival that of the big box stores, and all for a fraction of the cost! Printing options include prints on matte, glossy and metallic papers, and we can even print your photos on canvas! Don't forget, we can custom frame your printing order, saving you the hassle of going to multiple stores for your project. Stop in any of our three locations for details! Gallery Quality, Warehouse Prices.


Hey Art & Frame fans! Just a friendly reminder that our Lee's Summit location is now open every Sunday from 1-5! Stop in to browse, view local Lee's Summit artwork and frame your precious items. Why go to the big box stores, where you're just another customer? Here at Art & Frame, you are our friends, and will be greeted with a smile! Frame your memories today!


Hey Art & Frame fans! Just a friendly reminder that our Lee's Summit location is now open every Sunday from 1-5! Stop in to browse, view local Lee's Summit artwork and frame your precious items. Why go to the big box stores when you can support local business and be treated like a friend, not just a customer? Don't forget, items in our gallery are now 30% OFF until the end of the year!


Hey Art & Frame fans, we hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family! Art & Frame Warehouse is currently offering 30% OFF all gallery artwork, original oil paintings and mirrors! This amazing deal ends on the 31st of this month, so hurry in to any of our 3 Kansas City locations today to find that perfect piece for your home!


Need any last minute gifts for your friends and family? Art & Frame Warehouse will be taking rushes until the 22nd of December to help you with your last minute gift idea! Stop in today to browse through our custom framing and beautiful pre-made selections! Don't forget, framed memories make a wonderful gift for your loved ones, so hurry in today!


Have a musical instrument? Yes, we can frame that too  Stop in any of our 3 locations today, 10-7!


For this holiday season, Art & Frame Warehouse has a huge selection of frames fitting your basic standard sizes of 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14! Stop by any of our 3 locations in the Kansas City area to view our selection, all at warehouse prices! All frames come with a standard easel back, and we can fit your photos while you wait! Don't forget, frames make wonderful gift ideas for the family! Stop in today! Gallery Quality, Warehouse Prices.


Do you have any photos fitting the standard sizes of 4x6, 5x7, 8x10 or 11x14? Stop by Art & Frame in any of our 3 locations to check out our new selection at warehouse prices! All frames come with a standard easel back, and we can fit your photo in while you wait! These frames also make great gift ideas! Stop in today!


Happy Fall Art & Frame fans! Christmas has arrived early at our Lee's Summit location, with Christmas cards and prints now for sale! All prints and cards are high quality reproductions of our resident artist and painter, Sheila Bundy! If you're looking for more of a personable gift or card for your relatives and friends, stop in our Lee's Summit location today!



Are you looking to learn the exciting trade of picture framing, or do you know someone who is? Art & Frame Warehouse is currently looking to fill 2 or possibly more full time custom framing positions!

We are looking for individuals who enjoy working with their hands, are detail oriented, have a positive attitude and are able to provide excellent customer service. Must be able to stand and move for extended periods of time!

Responsibilities include: working with customers on frame and mat design, cutting mats/glass/backing, mounting artwork, fitting art into frames, gallery upkeep and the hanging of art.

Must be willing to work weekends, but two days off are given during the week.

Benefits include: full time position with competitive pay PLUS COMMISSION, holiday pay and paid vacation.

For more information, please email questions and a resume to mike@afwkc.com!



Fossilized ammonites, framed out our South Kansas City location! Stop in today, 10-7!



A small, handmade quilt framed at our South Kansas City location! A nice, bright pink frame, with a rustic texture around the edges, helps to pick out the little pink spots found around the quilt. Look at that green pop, too! Bring your quilt in today!



Fun project that was recently completed at our South Kansas City location! Taking an old album cover from a show called Combat TV, the framers built the frame and mats in a way to look like an old mid century tube TV!

Have any fun ideas for your next framing project? Art & Frame Warehouse can certainly help you out!


Large, handmade paper piece from Mexico! Stitched down to the bottom brown mat, and built with spacers between the glass and paper, to show the natural form of the paper. Bring your item in today! Framed out our Lee's Summit location.




Shadowboxed whiskey barrel taps, from Art & Frame Warehouse! If you are concerned with the integrity of the piece or pieces you bring in, know that we can mount pieces in a safe, non-permanent way! These taps are mounted in the frame using matching leather straps! Framed at our South KC location, thanks for looking!



Frame your memories here at Art & Frame Warehouse! All frames are custom made to match your needs, and with our shadowbox options, feel free to bring in any items you wish! Framed out our South KC location, this shadowbox comes complete with museum glass, suede mats and brass plates to help our valued customers cherish their memories forever!


A cultural mask that we recently framed up, using a shadowbox frame, black mats, and no glass (to really help show those nice details in the mask!). Framed at the Lee's Summit location!



With over 17 years of experience in corporate art procurement and custom framing, Art & Frame Warehouse is your trusted source for artwork and high quality frames for your business. We offer special pricing for corporate businesses as well as quantity discounts for high count projects. We provide design consultation and space planning, gallery quality art prints for office decor, value saver frames for diplomas and certificates, delivery and installation. Here is a recent example!



One of our frequent customers loves buying original Thomas Hart Benton lithographs. He chooses to frame them with us, because we understand the integrity of each piece, and we make sure to frame them with only archival (acid free) materials, including acid free mats and UV protection glass! Do you have a special collection of items you would like to frame? Bring them over to Art & Frame!



Need any photos from your phone, tablet, or computer printed? Art & Frame can help you out! We offer prints with a wide range of size and paper options! Art & Frame can even print your image on canvas and stretch it, giving it that fine art look you're looking for! We also offer scanning services.



Pistols recently framed, using two frames to build a case, complete with hinges, latch and museum glass! Framed at our Lee's Summit location.


At Art & Frame, acrylic boxes can be built, with a frame, to house any of your special items, such as these model aircraft! Framed at our Overland Park location!




At Art & Frame, we have no limits to what we can do! No matter the object or size of the object, we can help you find the best frame possible to present your piece. Don't forget, deliveries and installations of your large pieces are available!






Hey everyone! We want to share with you all the baseball bat that was just completed at our South KC location! If you have any sports memorabilia such as bats, jerseys, gloves, helmets, etc. please bring them on in for us to frame! Bat framed at our South Kansas City location! Gallery Quality, with Warehouse Prices.



Art & Frame Warehouse Fans! 

We are pleased to announce our new local artist show, featuring Tom Mallot! 

Stop by our Lee's Summit location to view his work, and help support local artists! 

Short Bio:

Tom has been making photographic images for over 60 years, always visualizing his surroundings for the possibilities of an interesting image.

Many years of darkroom procedures and processes have given him the insight for making a good print, with black and white techniques being his first love.

For 15 years, Tom has worked with a dying art known as polaroid emulsion and image transfers. This is another way for Tom to effectively present his images.

Tom hopes that his work will provoke in the viewer a positive emotional response and meaningful experience.





Small Business Saturday is November 24th!


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