Frequently asked questions

Are there specific ways certain prints need to be framed?

Surprisingly, there can be 5 or more different ways that you can custom frame the same print. However, there isn’t a “right” or “wrong” way to choose colors or styles. We will always help you decide from our hundreds of options.

Can a metal or wood frame be too large or too small for a piece of art?

Frame size is determined as much by the subject and style of a piece of art as it is by the size of the art. Coloration and finish of a frame can be more powerful visually than size. As you look through a selection of samples you will begin to see when a certain size begins to feel comfortable.

Do I have to make an appointment?

No, an Art & Frame Warehouse master designer will always be ready to help you during our regular business hours. However if you are unable to drop by during that time, we can set up an appointment.

What determines the total cost of the project?

There are a number of factors that combined determine the price of framing projects. The most important factors are listed below: Moulding Selection
Complexity of details. (matting, use of fillets, fabric wrap matting, etc)
Standard glass or acrylics glazing vs. UV radiation protective glass or acrylics
Quantity ordered at one time – same size, same specifications
Conservation / museum framing

How long will my custom framing take?

Art & Frame Warehouse as a standard one week turn around, but we will always try to meet your needs. We offer rush service and even one day service(extra fees may apply). However some frames and special projects may take up to two weeks. It is our goal to return the framed piece to you as soon as possible for you to enjoy!

When is preservation needed?

Each situation is different, Art & Frame Warehouse designer will listen to your specific needs for preservation quality materials that will keep your artwork vibrant and safe for years to come from UV protective glass to museum quality mats.

Are there different mats cuts other than rectangular/square?

Our framers can cut single, double, triple, oval, and special designed mats. Your next project is limited only by your imagination.

What are shadow boxes ?

Shadowboxes provide the perfect setting for wedding mementos, imprints of newborn hands/feet, baptismal gowns, pressed flowers, sports memorabilia, or unique collectables. We understand the importance of preserving, projecting, and presenting your special items. We will take extra care of your priceless treasures while they are with us.

Can you frame textile?

Yes, Art & Frame Warehouse can expertly frame and preserve your needlepoint, embroidery, textile art and memorabilia.

What should I custom frame?

EVERYTHING! All kidding aside, anything you want to preserve and display for people to enjoy. Framing is an art. Though internet framing sites can be helpful in your initial planning process, a one on one consultation with an Art & Frame master framer will provide you with the design advice you need. Let us assist you in selecting a mat and frame that will complement your artwork. Art & Frame provides the best selection, service, and price. Your experience with us will be well worth your trip to our gallery.